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Guide to beach fishing in Yorkshire

In March, Yorkshire and Sand le Mere will welcome more than 1,000 of the best beach anglers from across the world as they compete for the biggest catches at the European Beach Fishing Championships.

With almost 20 beaches along the Yorkshire coast to choose from, finding the right spot will be key to making the best catches.

If you want to join in with the fun, or simply follow in the footsteps of the experts later in the year, start by using our guide to the best beaches of the European Beach Fishing Championships.

1.    Bridlington

The North and South sand and shingle beaches at Bridlington are popular for their sea fishing, and there is plenty for the family to enjoy at this well known holiday destination.

For breaks in between the fishing, there are rock pools close to the harbor and the town is only a short walk away.

The beaches are backed an Edwardian Promenade and lie at the foot of the Flamborough Cliffs, which are home to a stunning array of birds.

What to fish for:

  • North Beach is good for flatfish, eels and shoal bass
  • South Beach is good for flatfish, shoal bass and whiting

2. Hornsea

Hornsea is a classic seaside resort with an extensive sand and shingle beach split into north, middle and south sections. There is a charming promenade and explore inland to find Bettison’s Folly, a giant tower built by a Victorian brewer so his servants could see him returning from a work and ensure dinner was served at the right time!

What to fish for:

  • North beach is wide open and sandy, whereas Middle and South beaches are both sandy and steep beach.
  • North Beach is good for flatfish, cod, whiting and bass.
  • Middle Beach and South beaches are good for big cod, whiting, bass.

3.    Aldbrough Beach

There are various gullies of Aldbrough Beach where food settles when the sea has been whipped up by the wind and draws fish in. The key to successful fishing is to try big baits and vary your casting distance to find the gullies.

Be warned through, access to the beach is via the cliffs, so this is not one for faint-hearted bluffers. The route can be very muddy and access to the beach is very difficult, but the potential catches can make the hard work getting there worth it.

What to fish for:

  • There’s a good chance for large cod, bass and possible skate.

4. Hilston Cliff Tops

Another one for daredevils due to the massive erosion along the cliffs that back the beach, and the rising tide that can cut you off if you don’t keep an eye on it coming in. The beach can only be reached on foot or bike.

But again, the rewards are there for anglers who make the journey here.

What to fish for:

  • This is a hotspot for the big cod.

5. Tunstall

Tunstall is a sand and shingle beach with low cliffs as a backdrop – a great place for beach cricket or football. Don’t get carried away with the charm of Tunstall beach though, if you head too far to the left you could find yourself cut off by the incoming tide.

What to fish for:

  • Good for large cod, bass and flatfish.

6. Dimlington

A beach made popular by its deep clay gullies where food settles and fish gather. Make the best of this by fishing at long distance, but expect some tackle losses. Unusually for a stretch of sand, it’s possible that when fishing Dimlington you’ll be approached by an armed patrol. Don’t worry though, these are Ministry of Defence police who protect the nearby Easington Gas Terminals. We recommend carrying ID when fishing these beaches.

What to fish for:

  • Good for large cod, whiting, bass and skate/rays.

7. Kilnsea

Another beach for adventurous bluffers with potential dangers lurking above and below water. Beware of heavy erosion and unstable structures on the beach, and expect some heavy tackle losses as the bottom of the ocean is littered with remnants of gun placements.

What to fish for:

  • Good for big cod, possible skate, whiting and bass.

8. Spurn Head

The soft sand and shingle beaches around the Spurn Point nature reserve provide some of the best sea fishing in the area, and regardless of the wind direction, you can pop over the dunes and escape the breeze by fishing on the other side. And if the fishing is proving unproductive, you might find more joy hunting for fossils which can be found amongst the pebbles.

What to fish for:

  • Good for big cod, possible skate, whiting and bass.

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