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Beach fishing in Yorkshire tips

We teamed up with beach fishing experts Barney Wright and Mike Thrussell from Total Sea Fishing Magazine, who gave us their beginners guide to beach fishing in Yorkshire.

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Video 1 – Total Sea Fishing editors, Barney Wright and Mike Thrussell give us the benefit of their knowledge and experience in this small series of tips filmed during the European Open Beach Fishing

Video 2: Dressing to beach fish successfully

Video 3: Choosing the right rods and reels for beach fishing

Video 4: Choosing the right line for beach fishing

Video 5: Different ways of rigging a fishing line to catch fish

Video 6: Demonstrating how to build a rig for a fishing line

Video 7: Adding a hook trace to your fishing line

Video 8: Identify the best spots to fish from

Video 9: Top tips from anglers along the Yorkshire coast